Grinder Pump

What is a grinder pump?

grinderpumpart_copy-341x149Grinder pump systems ‘grind’ wastewater solids produced in your home.  They then force the effluent out and up, into the public sewer system.  These systems normally run for a couple of minutes and shut off automatically once the tank is empty.  Grinder pumps are electric and are hardwired to an electric panel box.  It is a good idea to have a professional electrician wire your grinder pump system for safety.

Wastewater flows by gravity from a home or business sewer line to a public sewer main where it travels to wastewater treatment plants. At the wastewater plants, the effluent is cleaned, disinfected and safely returned to the environment. However, because of elevation, gravity may not work in all instances. The need for grinder pump systems arose when the sewer line main was higher than where the effluent exited the house or business. Sewage needs to travel at a rate of two feet per second in the sewer line or it will clog the pipe. Grinder pumps not only grind up the effluent; they also provide proper force to further the effluent uphill along the pipe. Ground up effluent flows smoothly because it is being pumped at the proper rate by grinder pumps.

How can we help?

For service on your Grinder Pump, Busy Service can handle all your needs including:

  • Installation of a new pumps.
  • Repairs to an existing system.
  • Service contracts for your Grinder pump system.
  • Pump out and Power Wash your pit to keep sludge build up to a minimum.

For information on Grinder Pumps view our Frequently Asked Questions
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